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Initial Registration Fee Exemption Affidavit
Form (82002)
Application for Certificate of Destruction
Form (82012)
Lien Satisfaction
Form (82260)
Separate Odometer Disclosure Statement and Acknowledgment
Form (82993)
Vehicle Identification Number and Odometer Verification
Form (82042)
Florida Insurance Affidavit
Form (83330)
Application for License Plate or Decal Refund/Credit
Form (83363)
Records Request
Form (85054)
Applications for certificate of title with/without registration
Form (82040)
Applications for notice of Lien/Reassignment of lien or notice to first lien holder of subsequent lien.
Form (82139)
Application for duplicate or lost in transit/Reassignment for a motor vehicle, mobil home or vessel title certificate.
Form (82101)
Notice of sale of motor vehicle, mobile home or vessel.
Form (82050)
Application for replacement license plate, validation decal or parking permit.
Form (83146)
Application for personalized license plate.
Form (83043)
Application for disabled person parking permit.
Form (83039)
Power of attorney for a motor vehicle mobile home or vessel.
Form (82053)
Notification of Dispute on a Wrecker Operator's Lien for a Motor Vehicle, Mobile Home or Vessel
Form (82498)
Application for Original or Replacement Title Validation Sticker for an Off Highway Vehicle
Form (82054)
Certified Official Weight Affidavit
Form (82105)
Application for Regular and Motorcycle International Wheelchair Symbol License Plate
Form (83007)
Application for hov decal
Form (83027)
Notification of Transfer of Registration License Plate
Form (83033)
Application for Transporter License Plate
Form (83065)
Application for Florida National Guard, U.S. Reserve, Ex-Prisoner of War, Pearl Harbor Survivor, Purple Heart or US Paratrooper License Plate
Form (83034)
Application for amateur radio license plate
Form (83041)
Dealer non-delivery affidavit
Form (82175)
Vessel statement of builder
Form (87002)
Application for vessel duplicate registration, replacement decal, or change of classification
Form (87015)